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Kingdom Lost Reader Comments

Reader Comments 
Kingdom Lost became available less than two weeks ago, and already people have finished the novel and are sending in their comments:

"Hard to put down"

"Makes you think"

"I read a Lee Child novel before reading Kingdom Lost and felt they were of equal quality"

"Contains excellent info"

"Full of tension"

"Just finished reading your book. I felt it had moments that reminded me of the novels 1984 and the Left behind series. It was compelling and a very fast read. I especially liked... ...And hope and pray that the truth, grace and freedom behind the need to write this book will see many freed. No doubt you will have an enormous backlash. But those of us who have walked a bit of the walk will be praying."

"...I would say the one revelation in the entire novel that really threw me for a loop was [story spoiling text deleted]. I never saw that coming at all. That was a real shock: great job. I even told my wife about it and how I didn't see it coming..."

"Flipping good yarn"

"I want to marry Candy!"

"I enjoyed your novel. It's a vast work, very imaginative, and it kept my interest all the way through..."

"Have to force myself to put it down, so I can sleep"

"...a sort of cross between George Orwell's 1984 and the Left Behind series!"

"As a thought provoker & discussion starter it's a powerful tool, and stands alone as a ripping good yarn as well"

"I have just spent about 6 hours finishing reading your book today. I can honestly say that I have NEVER sat and read a book for 6 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it..."

"A ripping good story - time to write another one!"

"I love it, in this novel Mark has pinpointed so many things that are occurring in our churches worldwide that are leading people astray... ...I had to wrest it back from my 14 yr old. Highly recommended. Looking forward to reading it again."

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