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Help Advertise Kingdom Lost

How you can help spread the message and protect others.

Kingdom Lost has a message the Church needs to hear. If you believe this is an important message then please help us get it out there.

Tell Your Friends 
Let your friends know about Kingdom Lost. Encourage them to read it. When a book only has a small advertising budget (like this one), word of mouth is the primary way it becomes known.

Put a Link on Your Website 
Put a link to www.KingdomLost.com on your website. Here are Kingdom Lost banner ads and graphics you can use.

We Recommend Kingdom Lost We Recommend Kingdom Lost

To save these images right click on them and choose "Save Picture" or "Copy" to place the image in your computer's clipboard.
Then save the image in your website's "images" directory calling it "KLBannerAd.jpg".
Finally paste this HTML code on your website to show the banner ad:
<a href="http://www.KingdomLost.com"><img src="images/KLBannerAd.jpg" border=0 alt="We Recommend Kingdom Lost"></a>

Donate to Help Us Advertise Kingdom Lost 
Consider donating to help pay for web advertising.

All of your donation will be used to advertise Kingdom Lost in web media. Significant donators will receive reports on the campaigns they have funded.

If you would like your donation to be used for other advertising mediums, then please say so - for example in your local paper, or your local radio station.

Post donations to:
Kingdom Lost Advertising Donation
c/o Sterling Gold Publishing
P.O. Box 27-544
Mt Roskill
New Zealand

Please include contact details if you would like feedback, your email address is especially useful.

Thank you so much for helping us help others!
Feel free to ask questions by emailing

Recommend or Review Kingdom Lost 
Recommend or review Kingdom Lost in your newsletter, magazine, newspaper, radio show, or TV program. Check out the Media Info link for assistance.

Be Creative! 
Invent some amazing idea and execute it.

Thank you for your help!