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About Kingdom Lost

It's the nightmare men are planning for you right now.

Set forty years into the future Kingdom Lost lets you experience a world that might be. A world controlled by church men who are convinced that God has mandated them to rule.

Max Churchill was born into this world, and his life is going perfectly.
Until one day a banned artifact intrudes on his life.

The artifact threatens everything he has worked for: his success, his friends, even the girl he loves.

But Max is still tempted to use it.

Can he conquer his curiosity and so retain his submission to The Apostle?
Or will he tread the forbidden path of rebellion?

Max finds his life resting on the edge of a knife.

KINGDOM LOST is written by CULTWATCH Director Mark Vrankovich.
Mark is sought after by media from around the world for comment on cultic matters.

Novel Details 
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ISBN: 0-476-01509-X
Description: 608 page paperback fiction novel. Perfect bound.
Dimensions: 181mm tall. 111mm wide. 37mm thick.